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How to ride a motorcycle when there is a lot of gusty wind - Tips to stay safe and in control

January 30, 2024 0 Comments

Riding a motorcycle in gusty wind conditions can be challenging, even for the most experienced riders. Wind can seriously affect the stability and control of the motorcycle, increasing the risk of accidents. Here are some tips to ride safely and stay in control of your motorcycle when facing gusty winds.

How to ride a motorcycle when there is a lot of gusty wind

Maintain a relaxed and flexible position

When riding in gusty winds it is important to maintain a relaxed and flexible position on the bike. Don't grip the handlebars too tightly, as this can cause you to overreact to gusts of wind. Instead, allow your arms and legs to absorb some of the movement caused by the wind, adjusting your position as necessary.

Adjust your body position

To combat the effects of gusty wind on your motorcycle, adjust your body position according to the direction of the wind. If the wind is coming from the side, lean slightly into the wind to counteract its force. Keep your legs tight against the tank of the bike to maintain better control and stability.

How to ride a motorcycle when there is a lot of gusty wind

Reduces speed and increases following distance

In gusty wind conditions, it is advisable to slow down to maintain more control over the bike. Also, increase your following distance from vehicles ahead, as gusts of wind can cause you to drift sideways and require more space to react to potential emergency situations.

Maintain good visibility

Make sure your visor is clean and free of fogging to maintain good visibility. If the gusty wind is accompanied by rain or dust, consider using an anti-fog treated visor or installing a pinlock to prevent fogging.

Use caution when overtaking and in open areas

When passing other vehicles, especially trucks and buses, be aware that wind gusts may be stronger when leaving the shelter area provided by these large vehicles. Be prepared to adjust your position and speed accordingly. Also, be especially careful in open areas, such as bridges and plains, where gusty winds can be more intense.

Pay attention to wind warning signs

When driving in gusty wind conditions, pay attention to wind warning signs on the highways. These signs will point you to areas where wind gusts may be strongest or unpredictable, allowing you to be better prepared to deal with them.

Consider stopping if the wind is too strong

If you feel that the gusty wind is too strong and is seriously affecting your ability to safely control the bike, feel free to pull over and wait it out.

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